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Movie - Freak

Yesterday, I saw 'Funny People' Oh, what a movie, it satisfied me inside out. I felt the feeling on being high for hours after wards (well I don't actually know what is it means to be high, but I guess feeling satisfied and not around your current surroundings is high for me). I think the reason of that effect on me was simply because the acting, the direction, the writing and most of its creative work started as improvisation from the lives of those, who live these character on normal life level. I was impressed. May be because I come from similar kind of background or may be because it was just truthfully shot movie...It had a slow pace, but still it felt as if it was moving, not a stand still.

The movie 'Away We Go' which I saw it sometime back, was more of a slow pace movie. Although I loved its story, it seemed too much for a movie. The details were unlimited and the story was I think it needed a fast pace but director made it damn guy friend, who took me out for the movie said that it was true life story and very relative. Hmm yes, I thing it surely was, but too much truth of life in a movie doesn't actually work for me unless it is shot well. And that movie died on the box office. I still would love to read that book, but will never watch that movie again.

On the other hand when I saw 'Hangover' I cracked up as much as I could...cos it was story from life, but in a bit dramatic way and very well directed movie. I enjoyed it; it was a way away from hectic life. My friend who I went out to watch this movie with, went to Vegas with his girl friend after watching that movie. So, I guess it was worth it...ha ha! Simply loved how the movie sounds ridiculous but it is actually not that annoying as it may sound like.

On the serious note when I saw 'Blood Diamond' I felt so empathic and my eyes were wet every time I watched it, even after watching it over and over again. The urge to visit Africa and to work with lovely African people just started boiling inside me. The art work in the movie was awesome and direction was just superb. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I know that the script writer might have added some new moments in it, or the director cheated on some frames, but even after all that...this movie left a big impact on my mind and my heart. Kudos to those, who worked for Blood Diamond.

Well....I have tons of movies to write about but that later cos its 2.44 am and I should simply stop writing about movies and watch my next movie before the heart ache start again. Oh yeah, I feel heart ache now-a-days if I don't watch one or more movie a day. Didn't I tell ya I have a movie-fever :-)

Movie - Fever

Well... Oh well....

Oh.....Oh...Oh well.....

Okay fine...I have a confession to make: I am getting crazy about movies once again in my life. I am happy about it, it makes me feel great. I have seen almost every new movie which is out and have been enjoying watching one or another on either netflix or from my old movie collection or from my roomie's collection. She is a movie buff too, and owns a pretty good collection. Truthfully right at this moment also I am watching a movie while I type my thoughts into a post on my blog. I used to read a lot but for some reason, I can't concentrate for long on reading now-a-days so watching movies makes me feel better than reading. Though reading a book has its own feeling and watching a movie has its own emotion and we can't replace one with another, but we can enjoy watching movie instead of reading or vice verse. Soon you will realize, both gives the same effect. How? With each new documentary I watch, I travel to new culture, new thought process and new life; with each classic feature I have seen, I see the different lifestyle and different emotion change of humanity; with each musical, I enjoy the new rhythm and new dance move...and so on and on and on! I remember that one quote which my father used to tell me all the time 'read a book to see the world' now-a-days it is more like 'watch a movie to know the world' Or at least this is how it works for moi :-P

More is on its way... that would be related to my expression (not reviews) of movies....

Keep hanging!

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