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I have been going to evening meetings in Rehab for outpatients at cri-help....with a very close friend of mine, who is unable to control drugs and anger in his own his body NEEDS it now(dunno how truth that is)

I met so many addicts in very first meeting...I felt worse when I found that they have taken help of Rehab many times and have gone back to the same situation, in a year or two or sometimes six years later...Situation goes more bad when you want to quit and your body doesn't let you.

I have been finding myself stuck at:

Why do anyone need to depend on "those" things in life?
Why cant some people get enough of life?
Why do they live deadly life and give that life to their loved ones too?

I feel sorry for myself as a close friend of mine is addict...may be we all do have friends who are addicts. I don't want to leave my friend in mid way cos I know he might will go back as soon as he will find himself alone and sad...AH!!! wish we had a possibility of switching on and off from bad things in life.

Wish!!!! We all could say No No No No I wont go to rehab, cos I am clean...cos I don't need it.

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