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Karma & Dharma

What is Karma and what is Dharma?

For me Karma is doing right thing from heart, giving 100 percent & living the moment 100 percent...while doing my karma, I try to keep my mind calm and accepting to that specific thing you do...cos then I can give 100 percent. My karma is my daily acceptance of life, My acceptance towards humanity is my Karma and not hurting anyone is my Karma and not giving pain purposely to anyone is my Karma. To believe and to enjoy your faith is my karma.

Dharma is basically religion and My religion is believing in my own self, in my actions and in my love for myself & the power above me, who controls my emotions & let me control myself, and who take charge of me...this power could be anything...from elements to my fake believe or just a simple acceptance of someone. This power has nothing to do with Temples, Churches or Mosques or whatever. Having this power in me helps me do my Karma better so for me Karma is Dharma and Dharma is Karma.

I am writing this today cos I need to calm my mind to perform better and to keep myself inline with my Dharma and here is my faith, probably a bit weird but truth from heart.

Life is somewhere all about Me, Myself and I.

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