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Ranting is subjective!

Last I wrote here was in 2009. Today in 2012 I am back with much more comfortable in my own skin and with much more peace within me. I quit Facebook and now I will be ranting here lol

Years ago I hated anyone who smokes marijuana because I didn't like my husband smoking and choosing marijuana over me, but when we were getting divorce, I was in my rage mode and so was he. I was lucky to work through that rage and those grudges over the last few years. I am so proud of myself. Here is a song by the artist I rejected for years because he was famous for his marijuana smoking - yes, Bob Marley :)

Caio buddies! I will be back to rant soon :)

Finished watching "Confession of a Superhero" I have been planning to watch it since months but there was hardly any time. Now since I don't have a job, so I had time to watch it.

It was happy, sad, annoying thought and what not....

We all make our ends meet because we are just hurt when some dreams dont get fulfilled and some get lost in the air...

To all those dreams which brought me to this country, and to all those dreams which bring many to LA....cheers!!!

Hope all dreams find their destinations...Amen!!!


The tail of 2009

Year 2009 is almost over...wait yet not over, but almost there...

How was your 2009?

Did you do something you love doing?

Did you do something which you hated?

Please do leave a mark, do share...



My few friends say they love my never die attitude and they adore my positivity...and I say what option do I have...

haa haa.......


awww just a random moment....


I just came back home after watching Precious. This movie made me cry. I was literally shredding tears sitting in the theater. I felt deep down sad and shaken up. My mission has got more stronger, and my emotions have got more shaped. I work with these kids, kids like precious. This movie made me realize that my little efforts don't go to waste in fact they help someone...and in return I get the help some where, somehow. Today my mission and my passion found new strengths. I hope I get the chance to work more and bring more options and resources for girls like precious. Amen!

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