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Is this a tolerance exam?

After so many years I am feeling too, infect over angry, I feel like either breaking something or crying out loud that this world come to an end....I am tired of this now, cant repress it any longer....cant take it any more, I want to cry it out cos I cant hurt anyone....I hate myself for keep taking it for so long...why am I so weak? Why? Why have I become more weaker? What kind of emotional love is this?

I should have taken a step 4 years back it self...why I kept taking it. This is not adjustment, this is violence against my own self. I am done...I need to do something otherwise I will die inside fully. I still have life which is keeping me up. Do I really have a life? I want to die sometimes...sometimes it kills me that I am taking it, its attitude so much inside me....I wish I could die. I wish..........

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