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I am Happy and High!

I am happy, surprised and a bit high right now. I am learning English writing for writers now a days. I shared my few poems with my teacher Nancy Shifrrin, a poet and writer herself. This is what she wrote back to me:

I'm enjoying your poems immensely. Your feelings are deep and well-expressed. You really communicate. There are places where your images are especially strong and fresh, for example:

If I Die
"you will remember me forever/but only in albums/life will still run/like a roaring engine"

Story of a Girl
"People say she is a pill now/who cures others' sickness/she is a fruit now/ who fills others stomachs/and she is a tissue now/who wipes others'

Keep free-writing to develop strong concrete images which will illustrate your feelings and cause the reader to see things in new ways.
"Story of a Girl" is the strongest of these poems because the turn toward the end causes the reader to feel and think more deeply.

We want your unique poems to be supported by great skills.

Best, Nancy

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