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Love is harsh
Sex is brutal

I found patience in Love,
we sat and talked for hours.
I felt Romance with him,
we walked along the beach.
his touch was precious,
Holding hands gave me strength.
His emotions were vulnerable,
I was scared of loosing him.
his feelings were special,
he was my love...
we loved each other...

We kissed
felt each other
made love
with time
he was gone
I was all alone
I could not feel him any long
he wasn't there for me
I wasn't for him
I woke up alone in the morning
Body was calm,
but mind was unrested

I asked my mind
what should I choose now...

Mind and heart came
together...said calmly
if you make love
for sex
you die for sex
and you loose the rest

but if you make love
for love
you live
and you die
for love

cos sex is brutal
love is immortal
Love may is harsh but
Sex is brutal

© Vim

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