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A Dream or A Truth?

I saw a dream two days back...Dream was weird and scary. This was mere a Dream and it was about the life after divorce;

One day he was mad at me and when I tried to stop him to get crazily angry, he pushed me and two days after he asked for sorry and took me onto some high freeway where it was all over the mountains and he wanted to have a quiet drive with me...and while driving he started the same talk again and when I argued my point he said I brought you here cos I am done with u but cant see u going with anyone, I don't want you to be someone else's girlfriend and I will not allow you to be someone else's person and then suddenly he took such a sharp turn and the Jeep went off the cliff and we both were in it...He in anger killed himself too when he just wanted to kill me only.........I saw myself getting killed.

And I was so scared...scared of him, his unpredicted behaviors and scared of your unpredicted reactions for me....and I woke up at 6.00 and couldn't sleep after that. I don't know how true this dream is in my life or will be, but I know for sure that he and his these kind of behaviors in past have brought me to the situations where I am so close to death and where I can see that this moment can become the very last moment of my life.

I am scared of him, and scared of his reactions and unnecessary behaviors. I lived my life for almost 4 years with this kind of fear in my head and heart and I refuse to live this life now on...I am moving on, I am moving along.

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