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I met this guy 5 years back...over the times things changed so much.....we saw so many changes in our life, personal and in each other. Changes which brought happiness and changes which meant sadness and finally a separation - of being with each other and of not becoming each other. I am most surprised thinking that 5 years is not too long of a time, its just 5 years...but at the same time it seems too long, when I am with him. Probably he has same feelings as my feelings, but truth is simple, no matter how much we love each other we do need more than LOVE to be with each other. I feel being someone who is not you is the hardest test a relationship can ever take. If you are successful in this test then you were able to kill your self and you were able to become someone who is not you, which means clearly that whatever a person in front is looking for has defiantly over powered you and you have lost your own self touch. I did felt that I have succeeded in that test and then I realized I want my own self more than anyone else's dreams getting fulfilled inside me. I started hating my own self and then came that time when I was able to say NO to that test, when I wanted to fail that test and when I became my own self...not there yet full fledged but I am on the way and its better than standing on different road and expecting and showing as if you are standing on other road.

Tiredness in life is not that big of thing. All do get tiredness and sadness and what not but truth is how many take charge of their own selves to go and walk on the road which belongs to you...ONLY YOU...

Think more and you might will realize I am correct and truth full...

Hugz to self..

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