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Lonely Soul!!

Sometimes talking to strangers and statues is so fun and so relaxing!

I don't talk to statues, but if I call my laptop a statue then yes I do...all the time, all day and all night. And ya, my cellphone - as its a blackberry so I talk to the person on other side..not on other side on phone line but on other side of email, chat etc! I talk to them all day and all night. Sometimes I want to throw the phone, laptop and all I have and go in jungle, Himalayas or where ever and live connection less, connection this world of communications! I want to talk to trees, statues and mirrors..ask all the hidden Qs and ask all the rotten moments! I want to do it!

oh well!!!

I once talked to few statues. I used to live close to academy award building and in their front yard, there are few statues of famous people. I know few of them and few of them are just names for me (there names are mentioned on the statues)

Long time back, HE behaved himself with me and I had to leave the place, and then I went to this academy award building. I sat there, cried for hours and asked many Qs to all the statues...but got no reply, I replied for them to myself. The decision was made but emotional power was missing. Those statues are like my friends whenever I pass by them, I wave them a small Hi.

I am not a crazy person but a loner. A loner, who needs people to talk to, people to understand her and people who she can trust...I trust NO ONE, result I have friends which are either fake or friends for surface. The real friends of mine are so far that I am not sure if they are friends anymore...or they are loners like me!!!


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