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Girl Friends - One

Nah!!! its not about one girl friend, its one of the issues I am facing with being around girls...aagggrrhhh!!!

Before I start on to any other issues, let me give you all (whoever) one advice: NEVER EVER GET PLAN TO GET DRUNK WITH A GIRL FRIEND WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP...okay I was told that my pre-birthday party is getting planned...I was excited as usual. I was getting attention and then finally a plan according to my week...yippee but hey, no one RSVPd and we were left with two girls at the end, one who was organizing and another me, your truly - the birthday girl...

Anyways, we went to get Beer and wine from store, where really hot sexy guys tried to hit on us and kind of asked us out to drink with them...we ignored so cutely that I almost felt proud on self and my girl friend...Finally, we decided on beer and wine and gave funky look to those guys and bought our stuff. We reached home, and got the call that this girl friend's close friend (who could have been a boy friend at one point) is going to join us for a beer or two..."awesome", I said and she made a nasty face..."well, he introduced you to me, so I guess it is alright", I said. She didn't say anything...He came, we had beer and he left after listening to long talks and arguments of putting him down....I was speechless. It was my place, my pre-birthday party, and guess my friends too...

After he left, that nasty look turned in to a crying baby look. Here she goes...I thought and I wasn't wrong. She finished the whole wine bottle in few minutes and b the time I could think of anything,she was cursing and cussing this friend of mine, for choosing a girl who is from his choice...yukk..."shut up", I thought...but she didn't. Two hours of drinking went to shit...cos it was brought back to un-buzzed feeling followed by lectures,which I heard many times, and also moments which are not different from last time's expressions...great!! here goes my pre-birthday drinking night!

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