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What would you Choose?

What makes us egoistic?
What is proud?
What is self respect?
Why do we get egoistic or proud?

I am a very self respective person, my self respect is very important to me and I like to keep myself in check of my self respect so it should not turn into proud or ego. I am a self made person and I have tried and applied different ideas on me and have become what I am today and whatever I have turned into I am proud of me. I am happy with my own self...I still need many changes but its going to take time, alot of time...cos again I have to start trying new things ;)

Ok, who am I? I am a female, who was born in India and now in US. I am professionally Producer and stylist and love acting(have degrees and certificates too) singing alone(am really a bad singer) Listening to Music(my choice is not everybody's flavor)
I love living(who doesn't) I love to write, and I love to chill out...I do get mad & angry once in a while but I have to take out the negativity too.

I am a very egoistic person when it comes to last word with my hubb, or when I cook something and I am not happy with it, but I wont show it...I will make sure everyone give me attention or like a baby I will loose interest from that place or event. I am a fun witty weird person, my all friends are very careful with their words cos I can easily make fun of them with their words....anyways....

Thats all about me...I want to know why do we become egoistic? Why do we turn in to over self respect? I need suggestions, feel free to email me, comment me or whatever....


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