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Dangerous Beauty

Just Saw Dangerous Beauty. I wont say that I loved this movie more than Pretty Woman or Gia or Blood Diamond or some similar movies like those...but it had something in it, something which pulled my attention, something which made me feet proud and something which is my faith for years.

Being a woman is NOT a curse, neither it is something dangerous or something one should just lust is just being the being on this earth...

I would never want to be born as a man, I am happy being a woman and rather stay a and forever.

P.S. I don't even believe in re-birth and all that crap, but what ever and how ever it is, it just is.


Pretty Woman!

"Welcome to Hollywood - Everyone comes here to fulfill their dreams, some dreams come true, some not...Just don't stop dreaming!"

P.S. Just saw Pretty woman, don't remember watching it ever. Loved Julia Roberts as always and Richard Gere...he is a gem of an actor.

P.P.S The freakishness of movies is never gonna go down...

If...if I have to end up my life right now, right here...I would defiantly say - IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!

Just saw GIA...been wanting to watch this movie since I was with the chance to watch it today....alone, in my bed....tears and smiles were the smallest thoughts on the way to the end of this fairy tale of a true beautiful mind and irresistible body.


P.S. Because life is worth it and worth living, I wouldn't wanna end it ever...EVER!!!

HE is sitting in front of me, and I'm not in love with HIM, nope not anymore. I don't feel like holding HIM anymore. I don't feel like touching his mind or body or even his heart anymore. I am feeling much more content and peaceful. I am getting flashes of HIM hitting me more than flashes of HIM loving me, hugging me, kissing me and caring for me. Hard to believe but I HAVE come to the point where I don't fcuking give a shi*t about HIM or his presence around me, anymore.

Love does go out of window, when ISSUES take place in life. What a big ass truth and we all do have to accept this truth with time.

Life DOES move on.........and I'm happy about it.

Irony = Life

Few days ago, I found an email in my inbox from birthday alarms stating 'its your 6th wedding anniversary, congratulations form everyone at birthday alarms dot com'

Can life be more funnier than this? I guess its irony of life, isn't it? Its been almost two years we have separated, and now they remember to wish me for my broken marriage...oh life, I love you...

Anyways, new flowers are blooming and life is on roll.


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