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Back to basics!

Have you ever seen anyone living their life twice? Nope? Well I see her every day, every single day in me. I lived a life of teenage, a young woman and now I am living a life of teenage once again and soon I will get the chance to live a life of woman. The difference between both timing is that first time it was in India and now, second time it is in the US. The best similarity is not just me in both lives but also the rebel nature of my own self. I am enjoying it and truthfully parallel regretting it too...but there is always something or other to learn and to grow old with. As I mentioned once in one of the old post - I am collector of happiness, memories and emotions from real life of self.

Rest later...oh yeah one quick thing....I started donating blood again. Today was my first day of donation. I started donating blood in my late teens and then stopped for obvious reason...and here I go again!!!

Hugs to self

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