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Forget the story of St. Valentine, who had nothing to do with Love, Red & Pink color. I want to talk about the story of "Sour Grapes" which comes to my mind every year with Valentines. Reason is simple: many people thinks that Valentines is over-rated and I DON'T agree with them. These same people don't think that Mother's day is over-rated, because almost everyone has mother and it comes default in one's life.

I believe that those people, who don't have "Valentine" (read: partner) to go out with or enjoy the day with, feels the over rated part; but then I didn't have Valentine or a partner last year and I don't have one this year either. I still think that Valentines days’ commercial value is not over-rated. Okay, I am a flower designer, and it’s my season to make extra cash, but even when I wasn’t a designer, I like the Valentine ’s Day and its commercial value.

I like it when people show their love and affection to others. It is a nice feeling to be loved by someone special. I like it when it’s nicely decorated in stores, and new discounts and products are launched. I enjoy the love songs around me and I defiantly enjoy seeing my friends, who have partners, choosing what to do for their Valentine and/or what to buy. It is another way of showing love; it’s another expression. We love accepting gifts for weirdest reasons on the earth, why not give gifts for simple reason like love?

I agree that we don't need a special day to express our love but then we don't need Xmas and New Year either, isn't it? People will show their love any which ways, why to blame chocolate companies, flower companies etc? Why can't we just accept the beauty of the day and enjoy it?

I trust the thought: commercial value happens only after people start taking interest in that particular topic. There are many days which go by without any notice, because most of the world doesn’t enjoy living those days as special days. For some people, this day is full of fun; for some it is nothing. People like to save their precious moments, their precious gifts, even if they are small and cheap. It’s like weddings; why does one need to get married, if the commitment is in heart? People still do get married, even after one has less money. This is the way of showing commitment; they try to spend good amount on the wedding and try to make it as bigger as possible, so they can remember the special day forever. I think Valentine’s Day hold the same feelings, same fun, and same enjoyment.

For me this day is a beautiful day to express love, and if someone wants to spend fortune on this day, I have no objection.

I wish I was buying flowers for someone or choosing little moment for somebody, but I think its better not to think about it :))

Few moments for later!


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