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I write!

Ok, I am in hurry so I will write about my proper topic, which is given by a friend...when I will comeback tonight...ooppss, ya I am going out tonight, not to club (wish I was going to club) but to a friends place to watch a movie, YES!!!! Hindi movie and some yummy food.

Ok let me write about clubs when I have started the topic myself!

I hated going to clubs in India, reason was simple...people stare at you for being what you are, they cant digest you wearing nice cloths and worse they use each chance to touch your body parts (any part possible) I remember going to clubs with few friends and then with HIM and it sucked big time.
I love clubs here. At least most of the clubs here are fun. Reason is again simple: Here sex education, as well as sex is available normally (I mean it, its truth) and that make guys behave normal not desperate and obnoxious. I know my friends will say that I have become American but then I want them to experience it. Once you experience this atmosphere you realize the difference.

I went to a club recently, and that sucked big time for me. That club was in west LA... when its west LA, it means it is around gay/lesbian area...(yeah area are pretty much define all over the world, we all are rational to each other) So in this club, called '11' there were tons of lesbians and gays and all were suckers. I love those people who are not too much in to public display of affection (PDA) They were making out in public and they were weird, annoying and seriously crazy. Or at least I felt so. I don't mind people choosing gay or lesbian as their sexual orientation but then don't behave weird and make out in public man!

I knew it was a Indian style party so I expected people with similar looks and faces as me, but I found weirdos :( there were many nic epeople too and music was kind of okay so it was not really crappy otherwise I would have left in few minutes... :))

Anyways, most of guys were hitting on me and my friend (well, decent way) and then tried to dance with us, but I wasn't ready to dance with anyone and everyone so I chose myself to dance with me and in club I danced alone, although many guys wanted to dance with me. I did simple thing, dance a step with them and then change body position and dance works :P

Anyways alot I have said and alot is going on right now!!! R is going to kill me if I am not ready in 5 minutes when she reach here. I am off here, talk to you guys later.

S. topic for today - Gays and lesbians...your theory about them and your views.

SA - you have to finish old one so go for that...

I will write my topic most probably tonight or two topics tomorrow. Leave me a topic.

Hugs and love

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