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You & I

I found myself
at a corner of this world
the world which belonged to us.

I moved a bit
His emotion broke in to pieces
I tried to collect them
Sharp edges cut my self

I made changes in life
He seems blurry in front of my eyes
I tried to clean the eyes
There were tears of blood.

I wanted to go out
He became baseless
I tried to hold him back
Found myself loosing the earth...

you & I
are a bound
made for each other
Sacrifices, Adjustments and Repression is for me
freedom, Living & Enjoying is in your bag.
We share everything, cos
We are made for each other.

Copyright © Vim

Life & Me

And life is moving
on & on
ahead of me & my world

I tried to catch it,
hold it tight in my hands
it just went out from small holes
as if it was a sand.

I tried to grab it,
saved it in bottle,
it flew away like a perfume.

I tried to push it in a box
it turned in to ash and
I am left with no life
No life
No life
No life...

Wish you were mine.

© Vim

I have made a new Friend....She is cute and Mom of 3...Lucky Debz...She love to express herself through words and write open poetry...She has written many couplets for me as well....I am putting some here.

A poem for Me, My Name:

One for you too VIMMI

V very pretty looking is she

I instant friend she can be

M making everyone around her happy

merriment is her life

I is the natural real Vimmi

J just because you are so sweet and nice.

A nursery Rhyme on my name:

Little Miss Vimmi
Sat on her Bummy
thinking what to do

She then got up,
sat in her new car
and drove straight to the bar

At the bar she drank from a jar
an drove back home with damaged car!

© Debra

Is this a tolerance exam?

After so many years I am feeling too, infect over angry, I feel like either breaking something or crying out loud that this world come to an end....I am tired of this now, cant repress it any longer....cant take it any more, I want to cry it out cos I cant hurt anyone....I hate myself for keep taking it for so long...why am I so weak? Why? Why have I become more weaker? What kind of emotional love is this?

I should have taken a step 4 years back it self...why I kept taking it. This is not adjustment, this is violence against my own self. I am done...I need to do something otherwise I will die inside fully. I still have life which is keeping me up. Do I really have a life? I want to die sometimes...sometimes it kills me that I am taking it, its attitude so much inside me....I wish I could die. I wish..........

A friend of Mine wrote a beautiful Poem for me....I cant help it, have to put it p here....Thanks Debz...Love you.

I made new friend
at the end of last year
I will keep this friendship
until death does us apart.

She is a lovely friend,
one with fun,frolic in all
that she says
she lives a carefree life
although being married
She loves her scotch
and her two pussy cats.

I am happy I made her my friend
and to her I dedicate these few lines.

Happy New Year friend and lets
keep the ball of friendship rolling
forever and ever!

© Debra

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