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Story of a girl

I wrote this poem somewhere without a thought, but now its bothering me as I cant complete it fully, if you think you can help me leave comment of changes you can do.....and will make sure I can change those portions:

I saw that girl
she was always
cracking poor jokes

I was envious of her

She told me she is happy
She is flying in sky
she just have got married
She has found her real prince

I was happy for her

I saw her in market
she was looking sad
the moment she saw me she smiled
tried to show her happiness
all that was fake
but, She bought me a cake

I was surprised, wanted to say a word
but she went away like a bird

She was catching up a train
while her tears were over flowing
I saw her, it shocked me
I called for her name
She seemed pale
she didn't even looked back
I was standing alone on the rack

I was sad to see tears in her eyes

She went away somewhere
Don't even know where
for good or what
I missed her
her smile
her laughter
and poor jokes

She never came back
People says she is a pill now
who cure others sickness
She is a fruit now
who fill others stomach
and she is a tissue now
Who wipe others tears

I was speechless & sad
cos I lost her....

Next day she came in my dream
told me good you lost me
cos I go to those
who have pain & who cry
whose life sucks
& they think they can just

Copyright © Vim

If I die........

This poem is dedicated to my love of life, My husband...he knows why I am dedicating this to him, hope he like it:

if I die
I know you will cry
not fake not loud
but you will say
Thank you to God

if I die
I know you will cry
you will remember me for ever
but only in albums
life will still run
like a roaring engine.

I know you will shred some tears
and many of your fears
you will just pick
some of my cloths
and will develop new fears
while wiping old tears

I know you surely will cry
I will cry too
cos you let go of me
in the ocean of life
to save your life
and I let it go
to save your pride.

© Vim

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