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I have been waiting for a job since the day I have arrived in America and I have tried where and what not to get a simple fucking job, I worked for free so that I can make connections and get some more work and I have worked on unwanted jobs, worked thru agencies and applied for many many jobs which sometimes don't even interest me, but result I was jobless, So I started making a documentary on my own, which did helped me calm down but again I need money to do lots of things and I need people to work for me and help me doing things as I don't know how to edit and write in so called proper way.
I have been trying to learn editing and guess what I am able to at least capture and choose the clips (yes, I never went to film school) I enrolled to learn editing in Adult community school and it is not costing me much either, but now I have got a offer for one month's gig. Its not paying great but not bad either. Now I cant attend community school cos its interrupting my job...weird for me thought do understand the basics of it. The funniest part is this that my job is for month or month and half and school is for month and half too. I don't want to drop anything out of these two, don't know what to do also, but guess this is what its all about.



Hey friends, family, Enemies and Loved ones,

I finally have made a documentary which is very close to my heart and we are in post production. Do not forget to check Defining America and leave comments and rating. I need ya all right here right now!!!



I love Sour Apple Martini and I have always enjoyed, its smell and taste. And I hate washing dishes. One day I saw a dish soap with the smell of Sour Apple, I thought, may be this will help me washing dishes more often and I will be regular at washing dishes...I bought it and used it many times. I liked it actually.

Next time when I went to a bar and I order my favorite Martini, it smelled like my dishes!!!

I still am washing dishes and ordering black label instead cos no one will make a soap with the smell of Scotch.


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My cats are so much fun and like any other cats they love to sit at the window and look outside, so whoever passes by my window makes sure to stop by and talk to them for a second.
I have a family in my neighborhoods that have a cute 2 years old daughter and she visits my house all the time to play with cats. One day she came with another girl, 2 or 3 years older than her and they played for sometime and left. Later that Day small girl's Mom told me that it’s her step daughter Kathy, who came to play with baby girl. I nodded and moved on...
Today that big girl, Kathy came and played with my cats and she brought over her family friend to my house...they both were playing with cats and talking to me. Kathy's friend was trying to explain me that how much she love cats and now she may wont be able to play or live with cat, because her father is moving to another house....the moment Kathy heard that her friend's father is buying a new house, she took her to corner and said....what are you saying...and immediately at that moment her friend looked at me, looked back at Kathy and said," NO, NO THEY ARE NOT SEPARATING, DON'T WORRY...BUT I AM SURE THEY WILL ALSO SEPARATE ONE DAY..."
It took me hours to get back to my life...they were just 5-6 years old girls and they have seen a life...A LIFE FULL OF NO-LIFE


I am smart and dynamic personality, born in Punjab, India some 30 years back and have been living healthy and safely in the Media and Television Industry for 15 years. I know living is hard especially when you want yourself to work and live by your rules, when jobs are a problem and food is expensive...but again but...trying is the best part of living, isn't it?

I started my journey in theatre over 15 years ago by working as small characters for a theatre group my brother use to be involved with. I soon found that I love this art form. I start growing, living, eating, sleeping and feeling dramatic arts(read Acting). I joined a theatre group in college and my all teachers start getting uncomfortable with my attendance (I was attending rehearsals more than my classes). My other love, Oil Paintings(my major subject), still stirred some feelings inside so I finished my study and graduated with a major in Paintings (I don't paint anymore, don't even know why...) Then came the time to do something with life but maybe I was scared of working in the real world or I loved acting so much that I took up Post Graduation in Dramatic Arts and lived it to fullest for two years. After that I still wanted to know more I went off to NSD(National School Of Drama, New Delhi)It was hard to get a scholarship and admission but I did it! After three years of living life in hostel while doing all that I always wanted to do(acting, directing, producing, background work, art direction and what not) I finally came out to the real world where I had to struggle for my Identity...I'm still struggling and I guess I will keep struggling until I reach that point where I get to hold an OSCAR in my hand. When I reached Mumbai aka Bombay, on the west coast of India, I tried and cried for good work as an actress and I got it too. I worked and learned a lot about the Bollywood Industry for 4 years when I met a guy form Chicago and we seriously fell so badly in love that to get back to our life we needed to get married. We started a production company called FEARLESS PRODUCTIONS in Mumbai and did lot of television commercials, infomercials and print ads. On the side I worked as an Office Assistant to Producer to Director and sometimes actress too. It gave me satisfaction and a life of my own. Fearless is "The baby" for me and my Husband, Snehal Patel who is writer/ Director( We both needed some change in our monotonous life, a hunger to do better and have more money in our hands. It was Snehal's idea to move to USA and we came a few months back to Chicago first and L.A. later to achieve our dreams and grab what we want and what is ours. I am enjoying and having fun while being in USA and living life on my own about some info about you now...leave a mark and I will surely get back to you.

Who I'd like to meet:
Those people I have never met. Those humans who believe in hard work, love faith and humanity. Those film makers who have reached there before me. Those Writers who have better ideas than me. Those people who have potential to become my friends. Those Documentary Film Makers who have and been trying to change and aware our world. And last but not least, those friends whom I miss here in USA.

My love for books came from my father who is ready to read anytime and love to get books as gifts. I started my readings with heavy novels written by Shankar and Bimal Mitra, both Indian(Bengali) writers and then I started reading poetry and fiction... basically I have read almost every book in Hindi language, written during 70s, 80s and 90s...I love Biographies(Gossip you know) Khushwant singh is one of my THE FAVORITE writter and now a days am reading Maximum city written by Suketu Mehta. I read in English and Hindi both languages so if you want to gift me any book, dont hasitate...I would love to get a new Fiction or Novel. Kite Runner is my favorite book these days. AND I love to read romance and I seriously have read all Sidney Sheldon's and Many of Harliquiens...but thats for fun only...timepass

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