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To Mah Maa!

I was burnt in my agony,
when I left you Maa
You saw me standing...helpless
and I looked over your agony,
Just to let go of me, the ocean of world
to be the one I am.

You were missed, always

You are always with me
You were always in me.
Life just happened to us!


start afresh!

Oh!!! I want to fall (litrally) in love all over again. I want to shape the heart and make the decisions for my love, once again. How beautiful it would be, just to love and nothing else. I want it, I want it, I want it!

I wanna fall for myself, I want to love myself all over again.I want myself back to living once again and over and over again!!!

Either I am too sensitive or people are losing the sensitivity or probably I am too old now and I should stop doing childish (????) things. Well, today at midnight my friends birthday started and I with another friend of mine went to her place at mid night with cake and lots of happiness....and.........

Just bitter taste in the mouth now. I wish I could say that she didn't like me coming over, but that's not true either. She didn't mind us over and that's what she showed us but what with insulting language? What with not eating cake and putting down words....anyways, let it be hurts to see your own friends do so....

Anyways Happy birthday dost!

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