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Who to blame?

Once upon a time there was a little kid, a beautiful looking boy, healthy built - 7 years of age, curious and creative with and about everything available around him. He is always busy watching, observing, analyzing each thing around him...A naturally happy & curious kid.

His family was pretty small, One Little brother, Mom & Dad. His parents were always busy to make both ends meet. They were new in Unites States, so they were trying their best for achieving some better quality & standard of life.

One day his father came from work, he was tired and hungry. His wife told him to go to the grocery store & buy few things so that she could cook dinner for them. His father took him to the grocery store.young. This Kid, lets call him 'S' just wore his jacket and shoes and went with his father who, didn't want to go to the store, but he had no option, his wife had alot to do, clean the kitchen, fed the little one and then cook dinner for family. So in cranky mood his father went to grocery store. He picked few things in rush rush, and went and stand in line to pay for stuff. He was just wishing for line to be small, but in reality he had 10 people in front of him & PHEW!!!! Where is S - Shoot...He was worried, scared & uncomfortable, He did not wanted someone to call 911 & put him to jail cos he was in rush.

He suddenly noticed S, he was by magazine stand, looking at some magazine. He yelled in his native language & told S to come to him right away. S was so involved in one car magazine, that he could not hear anything. S was curiously looking at car pictures, engine pictures, front of car, back of car...WOW!!! that was a different world all together...He was in his own little world, the world of machines, beautiful pictures and he felt something on his arm, it was his father's tight hand. He came back to life, by his father who was shaking his body and asking him something....S didn't payed attention.

Abruptly, he put that magazine back & almost running behind his father. he reached to his car. He fixed his seat belt and made himself comfortable, but all of a sudden this car felt different from inside than those cars in magazine. S was trying to understand why is it different, but his father was interrupting with some words, he had no idea about what his father was saying in the background....S gave few reactions like, hmm, yeah haa, hun....and went back to his thoughts.

When he reached home, the first thing he noticed was exterior of his father's car. He was lost in the different shapes of cars. While he was lost in cars, his father lost his patience and gave him a tight slap on his back, pulled him from ears and almost pushing him inside the house, he took S to basement and locked there for few hours without food or water and came every hour, slapped him more, yelled at him more and was kept asking, "so will you do it again, tell me, would you not listen to me now, hmmm....."

S had no idea, what was happening with him & why...he just wanted to see cars, nothing else. He was still lost in his car world - he could not match his curiosity with all these slaps, insults & yelling. He felt like crying but he purposely didn't cried this time, cos after he cry, his father feel sorry for him and let go of him and he knew this satisfy his father's heart. S wanted to hurt his father's feelings, he just wanted to hurt his dad so much that he kept holding his anger inside and kept taking hitting until he fell asleep in basement....while holding poison of anger inside him.....S lived those kind of many many moments...and became a old man with that poison growing each day inside him.

That kid was my husband. I wish I could change things in past.

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