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The Qs - The As

How easy it is to put someone down and hit, how easy it is to make some one feel low, so low that they loose their confidence, their ability to work and to think beyond a point, how easy it is to blame somebody...For the four and half years I was kept thinking that it was me who was wrong, it was me who provoked HIM so he hit me, put me down, insult me...but actually it was not me at was someone else, the same person who did all those acts, those was HIM..and I was constantly harsh on myself for no reason. He ruined my beautiful moments, made me go through depressed life, sadness and weirdness of self, even after that I gave my life to him, my mind to him...if I did whatever was possible for me to do, to please him, to keep him keep us together but....

He said his childhood was fcuked up cos of the way his parents behaved with him and the way they raised him, but then why was I getting punished, why was I getting hitting, blames and garbage from you? Why? If I wasn't the one who ruined his childhood, then I should not get the results either, isn't it?

Today your same parents are blaming me for breaking off the marriage (yes the same one which had not even a moment of married hood in it) Those same parents are enjoying the life the way they want it, they get love and respect from you the way they want and you get all the showers of love, money and success from them and others...where is my share of happiness? where is my share of love? where is my share of money? where is my share of life? I got nothing but the tears, cos I married you? is this is the share, the half-half of marriage? If I have to take half debt and half Pays then I am eligible of half happiness, success too...isn't it?

I have told him today that if HE wont file the divorce papers in 3 days then I will file it...cos now am over it, I am done with you and your life....I know he is scared of laws, and of me speaking up for self but I have had it...and I have had HIM.


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